Top Tips For Plant Care

Top Tips For Plant Care

Plants are all different and require different things in order to prosper. Whether that’s a lot of sunlight, practically no water or extra nutrients. It can be hard to know what each individual plant needs, but there are certain categories that you need to consider when choosing your plants to make sure they thrive in your garden. It’s not just about keeping your garden clear with leaf hands, it’s also about the right garden.

Read The Label! 

With any garden centre or plant nursery, each plant will have a detailed label that displays what it likes and dislikes. Make sure to read this thoroughly, as though the plant may look lovely, it may not survive in your garden if it doesn’t have the right characteristics. The key factors to read into are: how much light it needs, how much water and what type of soil it needs. 

Special Requirements 

Some plants such as roses need a specific amount of nutrients. If they are put in pots for a significant amount of time, all of the nutrients in the available soil get used up. Make sure to replenish this a few times a year to make sure your rose is blooming beautifully. 

How Much Water?

Where your plant originated from can dramatically change how much water it needs to flourish. If it is a mediterranean plant or from a very hot country, it will need much less water. A few waters a week, if that, will suit these plants fine. Read the exact label for more exact advice. If your plant is from a colder, wetter place, make sure to water it more often, in the summer this can be up to once a day. 

How Much Sunlight?

Some plants prefer shady areas, whereas others need full sunlight. Make sure to read the label for exact information. If you have an entirely shady garden, there is no point getting full sun plants. 

What Soil?

In the UK, there are many types of soil, from chalky, to sandy to clay. Some plants grow best in these conditions, whereas others will not be able to grow. If you have one of these, make sure you either add lots of drainage to clay and use leaf hands to get rid of extra debris, or add more compost. But as a general rule, try to aim for plants that suit your soil type.

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