The Best Plants To Grow In The Heat Of Summer

The Best Plants To Grow In The Heat Of Summer

What’s a garden without attractive flowers with vibrant, tropical colours? Gardens that turn heads and create a wow factor are the ones with colour. Being able to maintain the standards of a garden is essential, whether it’s leaves or shrubbery. Having a tool such as a leaf raker can massively help cut the clearing time down. Knowing which type of flowers or plants grow best and their required conditions this summer will allow you to transform your garden with ease. 


By simply maintaining a clean garden space free of leaves and other debris, you can transform your garden into a relaxing/enjoyable space. Here at Clear n Collect, garden specialists, we know the trouble of bending over to collect leaves. That is why we designed a tool to solve the time whilst saving your back. Check it out here!




Fuchsia is a flower that looks like it is from another planet, with its vibrant pink and purple shades, your garden will look like a rainforest in no time. Fuchsia flowers thrive off heat and light making them the perfect flower this summer, during the winter months the flower goes into sleep. Although it appears to have died it will blossom again, once the conditions improve.




Clematis flowers are a popular option for filling vertical space. Thriving from 6-8 hours light a day however requires regular maintenance and pruning. Due to their mass reproduction, an array of Clematis flower plants can quickly amass. Pruning the plant’s results in leaves being scattered everywhere to save time and your back from bending over and picking them up, it is recommended to use a leaf raker that simply collects the leaves in one go.


Rose Of Sharon


Want an easy-to-care-for statement flower? The Rose of Sharon blooms during late summer, producing an exotic colourful flower that will impress everyone. This larger shrub requires little to no maintenance, only sunlight and well-drained soil. Available in shades of pink, purple, white and red, growing a Sharon is an effective and easy way of adding colour to your garden.




Another statement flower that adds an array of vibrancy are Foxgloves. The plant itself can reach 6 feet in height quite easily and bloom during early summer. The flower blossom colours range from pink to white and are great for adding colour next to hedges or small trees. Although their vivid and bright appearance, ingestion from humans or animals can cause serious illness.




Carnations are known for their bold hues and impressive variety, growing up to 24 inches during peak summer. Their bright and flamboyant appearance, similar to roses, creates an exotic feel to your garden. Although the flower itself is easy to care for, regular pruning including leaf trimming allows the plant to flourish. Simply trim the leaves when they start to grow bigger.


Hibiscus Flowers


Commonly known for its trumpet-like appearance, the Hibiscus flower is known to attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies. These flowers require regular water and fertiliser during their blooming phase. The Hibiscus thrives during warm and humid conditions, ideally spending 6 hours in direct sunlight. Even though the Hibiscus enjoys sunlight, too much light can cause the flower to perish.


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