Take Care Of Your Garden Without Breaking The Bank

Take Care Of Your Garden Without Breaking The Bank

Gardening sadly can become quite expensive very quickly. From buying new tools each year like a leaf raker, or new plants to add to your borders, or even hiring someone to cut your hedges. Here are some easy ways to reduce the bill! We believe gardening should be accessible by all and shouldn’t be limited by the price tag. 

Rent Your Big Machinery

Rather than hiring a local company to do your maintenance for you, why not hire the equipment? It’s very easy to rent a hedge cutter or a trimmer for as little as an hour. It can mean it’s much cheaper overall! You can even hire equipment like a leaf raker. 

Buy Plants Small 

Large plants are often much more expensive than small ones. This is due to the time and effort that has been put into growing them over the years or months. We suggest that you buy them when they are small as you can then buy more and allow them to grow in your garden. It will take slightly longer to achieve the look you are after, but your bank account will thank you! 

Invest In A Compost Heap

For any garden maintenance, we suggest creating a compost heap! It is a great solution for all the garden debris that maintenance creates. You can add anything from grass to hedge clippings, and even sticks and leaves, it’s all easy to pick up and move with a leaf raker. Add in your old vegetables and unused food waste to the pile and you create the perfect compost for your borders in a few months. This is great for saving as you don’t have to take your waste to the tip, or buy new compost next year. 

Buy Multi-Purpose Tools

Gardening tools can be very expensive if you buy high quality equipment. We suggest you invest in multi-purpose tools like the Clear ‘N’ Collect, this leaf raker also acts as a leaf grabber too. Using this method means that you get two products for the price of one. Prioritise what you really need, can you get away with just a spade rather than having a fork too? 

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Clear ‘N’ Collect is a family run business that is passionate about gardens. We want to make a difference to garden maintenance in the UK. If you would like any more information, please get in touch with us today. Buy the Clear ‘N’ Collect Now.

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