How To Speed Up Your Garden Maintenance

How To Speed Up Your Garden Maintenance

Spring is here and for many, it’s time to get back into the garden. But what is there to do? Loads! Prep your garden for the summer the right way, but don’t make raking your garden a hassle!

No Matter The Time Of Year

Garden maintenance never stops. Trust us, we wish that it did! Whether it’s autumn and there are leaves everywhere or if it’s summer and the grass won’t stop growing. It always feels like there’s yet another thing to do. Sadly they aren’t always easy tasks either, no one likes hedge trimming or pruning. Raking a garden for example can often take a millenia, but done the right way with the Clear ‘N’ Collect, you can cut this time in half. 

A Million & One Tools 

Any home gardener or professional knows that you need more than a few tools to take care of your garden, usually a whole shed full of them! When left outside in the rain, many can become rusty and brittle, meaning they become useless to you. Not just that, most can only be used for one thing, hence you have so many of them. What if we told you there was a different method? Our multi purpose Clear ‘N’ Collect acts as three tools, it can clear, rake and collect. There’s no need for multiple tools, and better yet, no rusting, our tool is built to last. 

Noise Vs. Speed

Many have chosen to use electric tools over petrol due to the horrible noise and pollution they create. We’ve noticed the small downside this presents, that electric tools are less powerful and can potentially take longer. Our Clear ‘N’ Collect can be used alongside electric tools to speed up the process. 

Our Solution 

The Clear ‘N’ Collect was born after these dilemmas were brought to our attention. We found that our design and build fixed them all. It’s so durable that you can run a car over it with practically no damage. Better yet, it’s made from 100% recycled material  and comes with a 5 year guarantee. 

Contact Us – The Best Tool For Raking Your Garden

Clear ‘N’ Collect is a family run business that is passionate about gardens. We want to make a difference to garden maintenance in the UK. If you would like any more information, please get in touch with us today. Buy the Clear ‘N’ Collect Now.

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