How The Clear ‘N’ Collect Will Clear Your Garden In Half The Time

How The Clear ‘N’ Collect Will Clear Your Garden In Half The Time


Here at Clear n Collect – Garden maintenance specialists, we understand and appreciate the struggles and time-consuming tasks that come with cleaning up your garden space. The majority of garden enthusiasts are the elderly generation, tasks such as clearing up leaves or grass cuttings can become not only a struggle but a painful task. Constantly bending over to grab debris can build up and lead to serious discomfort in the lower back. That’s why we designed a tool to reduce the pain and time of this strenuous activity.


Grass Cuttings

If you have ever mowed the lawn, you will understand the amount of blended grass that is left lying around the garden. Although grass trimmings can benefit growth by providing nutrients such as nitrogen, having the cuttings scattered all over the lawn turns your garden into a grassy mess. Not only does it look unappealing it also stains shoes and clothes which can be hard to remove.

Rather than trying to go over them again with the lawnmower, why not invest in a tool that can easily round up and collect the unwanted grass in half the time. By using our multi-purpose garden rake the grass cuttings can be disposed of or used as excellent compost for future garden growth.


Dreaded Leaves 

Having trees or plants in your garden certainly attracts wildlife. In summer they can bring your garden to life, contrasted with flowers; however in winter when the temperature drops and the leaves shed from the trees an unwanted job arises, picking them up. Leaves get everywhere, under plants, all over the grass, the list goes on.

Instead of manually grabbing them which can take hours depending on your garden size and number of trees, cut the job in half and rake them up with ease. The hinged clams on our multi-purpose gardening tool grabs the leaves and rakes them into one spot, then simply use both handles creating a claw to pick up hundreds of leaves at once. Regular leaf rakers can gather the leaves, but they can’t pick them up for disposal.


Hedge Clippings

Hedges require regular trimming and maintenance, whether it’s to keep them in line with other bushes or for shaping them which makes a mess when they are cut. The clippings are not only usually small but can be sharp or prickly to touch. Although gloves can be worn and picked up by hand the clippings scatter all over the place. 

Try to use multi-tools that can do it all, like the Clear ‘N’ Collect, like other garden grabbers, it can pick up any garden debris, but it can also clear and rake your garden too. Not only does the multi-tool save time it also saves money. Being able to rake and then pick up the trimmings with one tool allows garden maintenance to be turned into a short task instead of a chore.


Contact Us – Multi-Purpose Garden Rake

 Our multi-purpose garden rake is manufactured in the UK and includes a 5-year warranty. You not only save time and stress on your back, but the planet. Made from recycled plastic, our rake saves you from changing tools when it comes to collecting shrubbery. 

Clear ‘N’ Collect is a family run business that is passionate about gardens. We want to make a difference in garden maintenance in the UK. If you would like any more information, please get in touch with us today. Buy the Clear ‘N’ Collect Now.

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