• 1. RAKES

    Multi purpose hinged garden rake for effortlessly raking all your garden debris from all your outdoor surfaces from gardens to driveways.

  • 2. CLEARS

    The large capacity hinged scoops effortlessly pull together to contain your material.


    Simply open your hinged rake over a wheelbarrow or bin to collect all those leaves or clippings.



How easy is it to operate, is it heavy?

The clear n collect rake is very light and easy to use, with the ability to move your hands down the handles and closer to the clams when lifting really heavy debris. For lighter loads you can hold at the ends of the handles to remove the strain of bending over and speed up the task of garden waste collecting!

Does it come fully assembled?

The clams come in pairs with the stainless steel hinge pin installed. The only assembly required is fixing the handles in place with the two screws provided.

I am quite tall, is it suitable for me?

Yes! We have sized the handles at the optimum length to ensure the tool is highly effective at collecting the debris and ensure it is possible to then transfer to your chosen waste receptical.

How much debris can it hold?

The clams do not need to be fully shut to hold material allowing you to pick up as big a pile as you feel you can lift!

What if my order does not arrive?

You will receive tracking details once your order has been shipped. We are always on hand to provide more information on your order, contact details can be found below.

What if I change my mind after I order?

If you wish to cancel or return your order please get in touch with us so we can provide details of how to return your item or cancel your order. All cancelled orders will receive a full refund.

How sturdy is the hinge?

We have extensively tested the design of this to ensure it can withstand the rigours and demands of the task in hand! We are so confident in the toughened polypropylene construction, combined with a stainless steel hinge pin, that we offer a five year guarantee on all parts.