What Garden Maintenance Can You Complete In May

What Garden Maintenance Can You Complete In May

May is here and we are all getting ready for the world to reopen after lockdown. But what can you be doing in your garden to get it ready? Why not get raking your garden to remove any debris from the grass. Or cut those hedges to keep them looking healthy. There are many tasks you can be completing right now, take a look at some options:


Trim Hedges

This task is one that many gardeners dread. Your arms will ache and so will your neck, but once it’s completed, it really makes a difference. Trimming hedges can be a time consuming and messy task. Try to do it in sections and clear as you go. It’s often a two man task, so if you’ve got a helper then perfect. Hedge trimming can often result in raking your garden to get rid of the trimmings. Why not use a big hippo bag to make taking it to the tip a bit easier!


Take Care Of Your Lawn

Lawns often get neglected through the winter, having been covered in snow and dirt, fallen bits of tree and much more. May is the time to start taking care of it properly. With a lot of clutter, the only solution may well be raking your garden. Once it’s clear, make sure to mow it all over, this will make sure growth continues at the same height. Why not add a fertiliser to give it a kick start?


Get Rid Of Weeds

Weeds are one of the most annoying factors of gardening, but sadly, they are never all gone. One way to keep them to a minimum is by using bark shavings. Raking a garden with these means that less nutrients and light get to potential weeds. It limits the amount of weeds moving forward and is a great way to reduce maintenance. 


The Clear ‘N’ Collect 

The Clear ‘N’ Collect tool can be used all year round for all kinds of gardening tasks. From clearing leaves to lawns and patios; to hedge trimmings and spreading out bark shavings. It can even be used to clear snow! Reduce your gardening back pain with the Clear ‘N’ Collect. With a 5 year guarantee it’s going to be useful in your garden for many years to come. 


Contact Us – The Alternative Leaf Raker

Clear ‘N’ Collect is a family run business that is passionate about gardens. We want to make a difference to garden maintenance in the UK. If you would like any more information, please get in touch with us today. Buy the Clear ‘N’ Collect Now.


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