Simple Tricks To Cut Garden Maintenance Time In Half

Simple Tricks To Cut Garden Maintenance Time In Half

Garden maintenance happens all year round, from using garden grabbers to clear leaves in Autumn, to planting bulbs in Spring. It can be a task that takes two minutes or two hours depending on the size of your garden. Many think that to have a garden means endless maintenance, and though there is always some, there are easy ways to reduce the time it takes you! Take a look at some of our suggestions. 


Use Multi-Tools

Swapping between tools can take forever when you’ve walked halfway down the garden and have to walk back for something else. Try to use multi-tools that can do it all, like the Clear ‘N’ Collect, like other garden grabbers, it can pick up any garden debris, but it can also clear and rake your garden too. This is great for those limited on time, and even better for your bank account as you get two tools for the price of one. 


Prevent Weeds 

Weeds are one thing that gardeners can almost never avoid. They can take hours to painstakingly remove again and again. But how can you prevent them? Sadly this isn’t an easy task, many use pesticides and other repellents. But we recommend bark chippings. Just spread them out on your borders with the Clear ‘N’ Collect rake or garden grabbers and it reduces the weeds that will grow meaning less hassle for you moving forward. 


Watering Times

Watering can take a significant amount of time when you have a lot of pot plants. If you can, try to plant into borders, this will create less watering for you moving forward. Obviously some gardens can’t accommodate this, and don’t worry if this is the case. Why not try a sprinkler system? Make sure that you don’t water in the day. If at all possible, try to water in the evening so that none of the water gets evaporated by the sun throughout the day. 


Choose The Right Plants

Some plants require more maintenance than others, from the amount of water they need to how often they need pruning to how much sunlight they need. Try to find plants that suit your garden, take into consideration how much rain water they can get without added watering, and do you have the ability to prune them when needed? Make sure to get plants that suit your space and you. 


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