Different Uses For Our Clear ‘N’ Collect Rake -The Best Garden Multi Tool

Different Uses For Our Clear ‘N’ Collect Rake -The Best Garden Multi Tool

When completing garden maintenance, it can seem like you have a million different tools that all do different things. The Clear ‘N’ Collect rake is the best garden multi tool because it can do it all, from clearing grass to leaves, trimmings and much more! Take a look at what it can do:

Grass Clearing 

Everyone has spots of the garden that the lawn mower doesn’t quite get to. If you’re using grass cutters or strimmers, it can make a hell of a mess, and be almost impossible to clear. With the Clear ‘N’ Collect rake being the best garden multi tool, you can rake all of the grass into one spot, as well as pick it up. Don’t worry if your arms aren’t long enough to reach, our product allows you to reach all the hidden spots of your garden without the hassle. 

Leaf Raking 

Autumn always brings the dreaded leaf drop. For any gardener, professional or amateur, this creates a feat of endurance. Clearing leaves can take days and often leads to back ache. Use the best garden multi tool to take the strain away. Our rake allows you to pick up leaves without bending down as much. It’s easy for all the family to use, so get everyone involved to speed up the process. It pairs well with both electric and petrol tools to aid in picking up leaves and distributing them into hippo bags or your compost heap. 

Hedge Trimmings 

The Clear ‘N’ Collect is so much more than just a rake. It can be used whatever the season! It’s uses are limitless, meaning it’s one of the best garden multi tools on the market. For spring, trim your hedges and pick up the trimmings easily with our rake. It clears easily from grass, gravel, patios, artificial grass and much more! 

Snow Shovelling 

Don’t think a garden tool can be useful whatever the season? Think again! Many of our customers have used our Clear ‘N’ Collect to clear their driveways and paths of snow this winter. Get yourself a Clear ‘N’ Collect now to see what you can achieve with your multi purpose tool. 

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