Artificial Vs. Real Grass: Benefits of Each

Artificial Vs. Real Grass: Benefits of Each

Every garden is different. They come in all shapes and sizes. As human beings, we all prefer different types of gardens, from rock gardens to rose gardens and tropical gardens. From the plants you pick to the colours you choose and even your garden furniture, every garden is very different. One main difference can be what kind of grass you have. There are many opinions on what is best for your garden, but we can see pros and cons for both! Take a look at our reasoning here:

Real Grass

The traditional is preferred by many for its quality and look. A real grass lawn can be treated to remove any moss, meaning it is the perfect texture. It can be a great addition to a garden for both the kids and the rest of the family. From having a picnic on the lawn to playing table tennis. It is perfect for soaking up any excess water and grows continually throughout. You can change the shape to whatever suits you and add a washing line. The grass will regrow on any section you change! Many are a big fan of the daisies and dandelions that often come with the grass. 

But what are the downsides? 

A normal grass lawn can take a lot of maintenance, from clearing your leaves constantly with a garden rake, to weekly mowing in the summer. It can be a lot of hassle if you only have a small section of grass as you will need to store the lawnmower too. 

Artificial Grass

This alternative has taken the country by storm in recent years. It is a perfect solution for a small garden when you don’t want the maintenance associated with real grass. It’s still great for the kids and can be played on at any time of year and they won’t get muddy! Many are thankful that it takes much less maintenance time, simply use the Clear ‘N’ Collect garden rake to rid it of leaves or garden debris. 

Are there any letdowns?


Quite simply, it’s not the same. It can often feel horrible to sit on, and can sometimes not drain as well. You won’t find any daisies here sadly. But for a smaller garden, it can suit it quite well. If you’ve got children, make sure they don’t make any holes in it as it won’t grow back! 

What’s Best?

It really depends on your garden. The smaller the garden, the more useful it will be. If you have children, real grass may be preferable for the softer landing. But overall, it’s really up to you! Do your own research and find what suits you best. 

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