4 Garden Maintenance Tasks For June

4 Garden Maintenance Tasks For June

Summer is here and there’s still more to do in the garden! Get ready with your garden rake and spade, we’re here to help you get your garden looking great! Whether you are looking forward to an outdoor BBQ or even a party, why not get your garden up to scratch with our top tips. 



With all the flowers now out in bloom, many flowers such as tulips have deadheads. If left as they are, these turn into seeds. However, if you remove the head as soon as it’s finished flowering, it promotes the growth of more flowers elsewhere on the plant. This is because the energy that would have been used creating the seeds can be used elsewhere. Make sure to collect them all up with your garden rake to keep your borders looking neat. 



June is a month that can either be glorious sunshine, or a month of solid rain. If any period of no rain occurs, make sure to water the plants at least every other day in the evening to ensure continued growth. If you buy any new plants, make sure these are thoroughly watered too, especially when they are still in pots. If the soil is damp when you next come to water, it can be left for the time being, it is important to only water when the plants really need it. 



Roses are particularly susceptible to a disease known as blackspot. This can result in your rose dying and not producing any flowers. The easiest way to check them is to look for black spots on the leaves of any roses you have. If you find any, make sure to spray your rose with fungicide spray. Once the infected leaves have fallen, make sure to remove them from the pot so that it doesn’t re infect the plant again next year. 



It’s now summer in your garden so make the most of it! Use the time to enjoy your garden rather than spending endless hours doing maintenance. Put your garden rake down and spend some time relaxing with your friends and family and a few drinks. Your hard work should be rewarded. 


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