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Posted On: 27/07/21

How The Clear ‘N’ Collect Will Clear Your Garden In Half The Time

Here at Clear n Collect – Garden maintenance specialists, we understand and appreciate the struggles and time-consuming tasks that come with cleaning up your garden space. The majority of garden enthusiasts are the elderly generation, tasks such as clearing up leaves or grass cuttings can become not only a struggle but a painful task. Constantly […]

Posted On: 21/07/21

How To Get Your Garden BBQ Ready

After a long and cold winter, it’s finally time to have Barbeques in the garden and wear flip flops. If you’re planning on hosting any BBQs this summer and your garden needs some TLC don’t panic, you still have time to get your garden in shape. Garden tasks can be time consuming and boring however, […]

Posted On: 14/07/21

The Best Plants To Grow In The Heat Of Summer

What’s a garden without attractive flowers with vibrant, tropical colours? Gardens that turn heads and create a wow factor are the ones with colour. Being able to maintain the standards of a garden is essential, whether it’s leaves or shrubbery. Having a tool such as a leaf raker can massively help cut the clearing time […]

Posted On: 25/06/21

Top Tips For Plant Care

Plants are all different and require different things in order to prosper. Whether that’s a lot of sunlight, practically no water or extra nutrients. It can be hard to know what each individual plant needs, but there are certain categories that you need to consider when choosing your plants to make sure they thrive in […]

Posted On: 21/06/21

Artificial Vs. Real Grass: Benefits of Each

Every garden is different. They come in all shapes and sizes. As human beings, we all prefer different types of gardens, from rock gardens to rose gardens and tropical gardens. From the plants you pick to the colours you choose and even your garden furniture, every garden is very different. One main difference can be […]

Posted On: 17/06/21

Take Care Of Your Garden Without Breaking The Bank

Gardening sadly can become quite expensive very quickly. From buying new tools each year like a leaf raker, or new plants to add to your borders, or even hiring someone to cut your hedges. Here are some easy ways to reduce the bill! We believe gardening should be accessible by all and shouldn’t be limited […]

Posted On: 14/06/21

4 Garden Maintenance Tasks For June

Summer is here and there’s still more to do in the garden! Get ready with your garden rake and spade, we’re here to help you get your garden looking great! Whether you are looking forward to an outdoor BBQ or even a party, why not get your garden up to scratch with our top tips.  […]

Posted On: 12/06/21

Simple Tricks To Cut Garden Maintenance Time In Half

Garden maintenance happens all year round, from using garden grabbers to clear leaves in Autumn, to planting bulbs in Spring. It can be a task that takes two minutes or two hours depending on the size of your garden. Many think that to have a garden means endless maintenance, and though there is always some, […]

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